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Film Production Software, The Reel Production Calendar

The Reel Production calendar is the only calendar software designed specifically for Film Production Scheduling and Television Production Scheduling. Used by major studios, production companies and freelancers, The Reel Production Calendar is film production software that has revolutionized the way production calendars are managed.

While useful for anyone in film production, the software is particularly valuable for the following:

"Reel Logix has designed the calendar program that the film business has been waiting for. The program has been designed from the ground up to meet the heavy demands of 'Tent Pole' feature production. From time management of daily diary through importing shooting schedules, to viewing and printing calendars for distribution to the crew. A complete tool for all your film production calendar needs". Nik Korda, UPM, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lord of The Rings

  • Studios
  • Production Company Executives and Staff
  • Producers, UPMs and Line Producers
  • 1st and 2nd ADs
  • Department Heads (Props, Transpo, Makeup, Wardrobe, Construction, etc.)
  • Production Office Coordinators
  • Coordinators, Staffers and Assistants

Reel Logix film production calendar software is not only easy to learn and use, it provides a wealth of time-saving features for every stage of film production from Development to Prep to Shooting and Post.

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The following are just some of the benefits The Reel Production Calendar film production software provides:

  • Very Easy-to-Learn and use.
  • Calendar automatically grows to handle large events and large numbers of events.
  • Use Quick Start Templates with many commonly used production items, just drag and drop to schedule.
  • Rapidly adjust to changes in seconds using features like Push/Pull.
  • Work privately or share and publish your calendar with others as a PDF or publish web calendars.
  • Track files, like deal memos, location photos, crew info and more directly from the calendar.
  • Import production schedules directly from Movie Magic or EP Scheduling.

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